Check out some of the bands that have played Buffalo Creek in past:

- Click on the underlined bands to hear their Buffalo Creek set


·         2008: Benevento-Russo Duo, Outformation, The Bridge, Hackensaw Boys, Blueground Undergass, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Gary Ruley and Mule Train with members of Larry Keel's Natural Bridge, Nathan Moore, Farm Vegas

·         2007: Green Lemon, U-Melt, The Bridge, The Breakfast, Greensky Bluegrass, Sons of Bill, Deer Creek Boys, Digital Frontier

·         2006: Perpetual Groove, Brothers Past, Pnuma Trio, Hackensaw Boys, Steel Train, Quagmire Swim Team, Steam Powered Airplane, Mayhem String Band, Tom Hamilton

·         2005: Tea Leaf Green; The Breakfast; Jason White w/ Jack Silverman; DJ Williams Projekt; Wrinkle Neck Mules; Jackass Flats; Pnuma Trio; Jacob's Ladder

·         2004: Lotus; RAQ; The Ordinary Way; Southside Funk Brothers; 3 Apples High; arum rae

·         2003: Brother's Past; Hackensaw Boys;  Fuzz featuring Deep Banana Blackout; Modern Groove Syndicate; Live Oak; Jah Revelation; Saunter

·         2002: Vinyl; Moonshine Still, Live Oak, Mystic Vibration, The Milminites, The Biscuit Boys

·         2001: Lake Trout; Brother's Past

·         2000: Disco Biscuits; Lake Trout; Babba Seth; Virginia Coalition; Boogie Solution; Smokin' Grass; Hipbone

·         1999: Disco Biscuits; Ominous Seapods; Agents of Good Roots; Zen Tricksters; Zion Wave; Emma Gibbs Band; Barclay Honeywood

·         1998: Ominous Seapods; Everything; Emma Gibbs Band; McGraw Gap; Gibb Droll Band; Juggling Suns; Quiver; Blues Gems

·         1997: moe.; Keller Williams; Tim Reynolds; McGraw Gap; Ethel; Underfoot; Aquanautulis

·         1996: Zen Tricksters; Gran Torino; Keller Williams; Thrift Unit; Doxy's Kitchen; McGraw Gap; Underwaterfall; Wildfire

·         1995: Doublewide; Agents of Good Roots; Awareness Art Emsemble; Day By The River; Haere Marue

·         1994: Merle Saunders; Rainforest Band

·         1993: Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit; Charlottesville All-Stars; Chicken Wire Gang; Blue Miracle


and many others...