About Buffalo Creek Music Festival


         The Buffalo Creek Music Festival has been a Washington and Lee tradition for 15 years beginning with its arrival in 1993. The student-run festival is non-profit and provides an atmosphere for good music, camping, and good times among Washington and Lee students and other supporters of live music. The festival takes place on a country farm, called Zollman's Pavilion, roughly 5 minutes outside of Lexington, Virginia. Bands play inside the pavilion on Friday and Saturday nights, with outside entertainment throughout Saturday afternoon. In years past fraternities and merchandise sales provided the financial support for the festival. However, in 2004 the vitality of the festival was threatened due to fraternitiesí inability to contribute financially. 2004 graduates Inge Hill, Wright Sigmund, and Caroline Parker successfully spearheaded an effort to raise funds and save the festival. The 2005 Buffalo Creek Music Festival underwent a few changes to increase security and account for modern day liability concerns; unfortunately this meant that the festival would no longer be free, instead there was a modest charge for access to all of the weekend's festivities. With the new changes in place, the 2005 Buffalo Creek Music Festival brought an improved festival environment while maintaining the party atmosphere and great music for which the festival was founded upon.

          Washington and Lee University is conveniently located near several rivers and streams--including Buffalo Creek, the rivulet for which the music festival is named. The two-day event draws anywhere from eight to ten bands to come to Zollman's pavilion, an outdoor concert facility in the Lexington countryside. Even student bands have been known to take advantage of the opportunity to showcase their talents. Students carpool out to the fields and enjoy live music, barbecue, bonfires and camping on through the night and all weekend long. The 2009 Buffalo Creek Music Festival will run much like the 2008 version. We ask that you look over and adhere to the few regulations that we do have, and most importantly please respect those around you at the event. If a problem arises please contact our visible security team and they will be happy to help you. See you at Zollman's!




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