Buffalo Creek Music Festival     

2005 Picture Gallery


(Above Row Courtesy of Jenn Wick)



(Above Row Courtesy of John Howard)

(Above Row Courtesy of Elizabeth Eckman)


Tea Leaf Green

Set I: Gasaholic, Reservoir, The Invasion > Precious Stone, Taught to Be Proud > Hot Dog, Planet of Green Love > I'm Waiting for the Man1, Country Seduction, Vote on Tuesday (1:12)

Set II: The Garden (Part I) > The Garden (Part II) > The Garden (Part III), Georgie P, Morning Sun > Panspermic De-evolution, Incandescent Devil, Who Am I (What's My Name)?2, Sex in the 70's, Pretty Jane, Freedom, I've Got a Feeling3

Encore: Wet Spot, Death Cake

1Velvet Underground cover, 2Snoop Dogg cover, 3Beatles cover



The Breakfast


Wake Up In A Coma > Great Big Fiery Ball In The Sky > Sleeping Beauty, LDZ > Inner Glimpse,
Doughboy, Peace Frog > Hard Luck Harry > Dig, The Chase > Drum Solo, Beef Barley, jam >
Buquebus > Message In A Bottle

E: Taboo Or Not Taboot



Jason White with Jack Silverman




(Above Row Courtesy of John Howard)


DJ Williams Projekt



Wrinkle Neck Mules


Jackass Flats



Jacob's Ladder

(2005 W&L Battle of the Bands Champion)


All photos are courtesy of Cameron Wick unless otherwise noted (wickc@wlu.edu)